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EMO Hannover 2017


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Overview of the show

Sugino Machine Ltd. will exhibit at EMOHannover 2017.

From 18th to 23rd of September, Sugino Machine will be at the show,  providing you with selective business solutions by our featured products.

DatesSeptember 18-23, 2017  9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
VenueDeutsche Messe
Messegelaende, 30521 Hannover, Germany
Booth No.

Hall No.27, Stand F24 & F26

  • Washing and deburring machine
  • Compact machining center
  • Drilling and tapping unit
  • Deburring tool holder
  • Roller burnishing tool


Washing and Deburring Machine "JCC "

JCC603ROBOThe "JCC(Jet Clean Center)" is an high pressure Deburring and Washing Machines capable of removing residual chips and burrs inside a workpiece by jetting high pressure water at 250 MPa.

Sugino Machine is the world's one and only washing machine manufacturer that manufactures from high-pressure pumps to washing machines.

Compact machining center "SELF-CENTER"

セルフセンタH15-LXThe "Self-Center"is a compact, high-precision and high rigidity machining center specifically suitable for Spindle Taper 30.

Drilling and Tapping Unit "SELFEEDER"

SELFEEDERIt's been a half century since its release.The "Selfeeder" drilling units are now global standards.
These units, which are an accumulation of technology and know-how over many years,
are installed at sites worldwide.

Deburring tool holder "BARRIQUAN"

BarriquanThe "Barriquan" is an tool holder with a floating structure built in to the bit.
Keep tools at a constant pressure against workpieces to allow profiling.
Allows the pressing force to be adjusted easily to suit burr size.

Roller Burnishing Tool "SUPEROLL"

スパロールThe tools provide a mirror finish by smoothing metal surfaces with rollers. The rollers crush the surface of  metal parts such as brake and master cylinders, and piston pin hole, causing plastic deformation and improving durability and wear resistance. Superoll's mirror finishing meets every type of production needs. 

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