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Westec 2017


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Overview of the show

Our 100% owned subsidiary, Sugino Corp., will exhibit at WESTEC 2017.

From 12th to 14th of September, Sugino Machine will be at the show,  providing you with selective business solutions by our featured products.

DatesSeptember 12-14, 2017
VenueLos Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA
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  • Portable drilling unit for aerospace industry
  • Chamber cleaning systems (demonstration machine )
  • Roller burnishing tool
  • Wet pulverizing and dispersing device


Portable Drilling Unit for Aerospace Industry "PNEUCON FEEDER" & "ELECON FEEDER"


High-performance oneumatic drive with a built-in high-torque, high-durability pneumatic motor.



Servo driven with a compact, high-power and high-performance motor.



Chamber Cleaning Systems "ZK"

ZK is a chamber cleaning system for the cleaning and drying of different parts made of steel and other materials.
It consists of one cleaning chamber and tanks placed below for the cleaning and rinsing processes.
The parts are dried by hot air and can be removed after opening the roller shutter by means of a loading unit.

For more details >> Chamber Cleaning Systems ZK

Roller Burnishing Tool "SUPEROLL"

スパロールThe tools provide a mirror finish by smoothing metal surfaces with rollers. The rollers crush the surface of  metal parts such as brake and master cylinders, and piston pin hole, causing plastic deformation and improving durability and wear resistance. Superoll's mirror finishing meets every type of production needs. 

Wet Pulverizing and Dispersin "STAR BURST"

Star BurstThe "Star Burst" is a wet-type pulverizing device to disperse, emulsify, pulverize, and reform surfaces of raw materials by obliquely colliding the particles pressurized up to 245 MPa at the relative velocity of Mach 4.

Star Burst does not use any grinding media and provides products with the minimum amount of contamination.

For more details, please visit our booth  to find out!


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