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Deployment to hydrogen energy-related business

November 16, 2015

suisoSugino Machine Limited is focusing on hydrogen energy-related business by the application of the various core technologies including our original ultrahigh-pressure technology.

As an example, we delivered several hydrostatic pressure test machines to Hydrogen Energy Test and Research Center (HyTReC) at Fukuoka prefecture in Japan. These devices are widely used for the evaluation of the durability and safety of the hydrogen tanks, that are used in a fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen stations etc.

We would like to introduce our future efforts on hydrogen-related business as below.

1. Collaboration with university

We have been conducting joint research for "Enter into the hydrogen energy business" with Professor Kenji Matsubayashi in Kanazawa Institute of Technology. Innovative technologies and products for the contribution to hydrogen energy society will be developed.

Information of Kanazawa Institute of Technology.

2. Participation in the Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition

We exhibit the posters of products in the Fuel Cell Seminar &Energy Exposition that will be held in USA from November 16, 2015. The details are as follows.



Fuel Cell Seminar & Energy Exposition

PeriodNovember 16-19, 2015

Los Angeles, California / Westin Bonaventure Hotel, California Ballroom

Booth Number107  (Exhibitors


   (1) Hydrostatic test machine for pressure vessel

   (2) Processing, cutting or washing machine of hydrogen energy-related part

   (3) Processing machine of hydrogen energy-related material

3. Proposal for hydrogen-related products and solutions

In hydrogen-related fields, we have already delivered many variety of products andhave many test experiences. As typical products, there are hydrostatic test machine, cutting and cleaning machine of hydrogen-related parts by water jet, roller burnishing tool for metallic surfaces, and wet miniaturization equipment for materials.

In addition, we will also propose the best solution according to your needs by the know-how fostered from development and delivery of these products.

Hydrogen solution technologies from Sugino ( PDF Download[0.5MB] )

Hydrogen Tank Pressure Test

suisoThis system allows the pressure in the tank to pressurize and decrease repeatedly in the maximum condition that is 140MPa and 40s/cycle by water. Rapture test of tank by pressurization up to 380 MPa can be carried out.

Photo: Pressure Test Machine(61L/stroke)

Applications :
Pressurization test
Fatigue test
Rapture test of the hydrogen tank, Valve and hose.

Composite Cutting

wjcThe water jet by injecting pressurized water through a nozzle can cut many materials such as, metal, resin, rubber, ceramics, and composite materials (such as CFRP, etc.). Processing of complex shapes is also possible.

Photo: Water Jet Cutter

Applications :
Cutting of electrodes for Fuel Cells.
Cutting of separators for Fuel Cells.
Cutting of Hydrogen Storage Tanks for estimation.

 ⇒ To see the information about Composite Cutting, click here.

Component Washing

jccWater jet technology is applied to washing of various components.
It becomes possible to remove burs, chips, and other unwanted debris by adjusting injection pressure.

Photo: Washing and Deburring Machine

Applications :
Deburring of parts.
Washing of separators for Fuel Cells.
Removal of the coating agents.
Washing items for reuse.

⇒ To see the information about Component Washing, click here.


Star_Burst-minimoObjects dispersed in a liquid are pressurized and miniaturized by ejecting through nozzles opposite
each other with contamination-free.
This increases the specific surface area of the processed objects and improves material properties.

Photo: Wet Atomization Machine

Applications :
Atomization of material for electrodes.
High Dispersion of Platinum-carrying-Carbon
Catalysts for Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells.

 ⇒ To see the information about Atomization, click here.

Fittings with Perfect Seal

superollRoller Burnishing Tool creates a mirror-like finish to metallic surfaces by crushing the surface using precision rollers. This tool forms a mirror finish up to Rz 0.1 ~ 0.8 mm making it ideal for seal to couplings and fittings products of low molecular weight, such as hydrogen. Moreover, since the surface is plastically deformed,
the wear resistance and fatigue strength are improved.

Photo: Roller Burnishing Tool

Application :
Perfect seal for Hydrogen fittings.

⇒ To see the information about Fittings with Perfect Seal, click here.


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