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SC Dual:# 30 Machining Center with Vertical Turning Function

SC Dual(エスシーデュアル)The breakthrough Eco machine with dual functions !

Lathing function is added on the 30-taper vertical type "Self Center". This machine can satisfy the workpiece which needs both high precision machining and lathing.  The saving of space, manpower and energy can be achieved by consolidating 2 processes into one machine.

Basic Specifications

strokeVertical Type #30
X:400 mm
Y:370 mm
Z:400 mm


Number of tools mounted
27 tools

rotationMC Spindle Rotation Speed
12,000 min-1
Lath Spindle
       Rotation Speed
       3,000 min-1

 Automation support

* Supported options

Machining capacity


 ・Aluminum 25 mm diameter
 ・Cast iron  22 mm diameter
 ・Steel    18 mm diameter


 ・Aluminum M24 mm
 ・Cast iron  M20 mm
 ・Steel     M16 mm


 ・Aluminum 200 cm3/min
 ・Cast iron   60 cm3/min
 ・Steel    35 cm3/min

Features of SC Dual

1. Complex Lathe Based Mainly on Machining Center !

It is a design that made use of the popular "self center" at high speed and high precision in the core section. Even with machining and lathing machining, which requires strict accuracy, it allows high speed and high accurate machining
with one chucking.



2. Eco machine's definitive edition

Consolidate lathes / machining into one machine, realizing labor saving. In addition, since the process of loading and unloading workpiece is omitted, both cycle time and standby power have been reduced.twoinone

3. One Chucking / Multi-Machining

With one chuck / multi machining, it can flexibly cope with process changes such as turning, milling and deburring.



Spindle taper- HSK-T50
Spindle speedmin-112,000
Lathe speedmin-13,000
StrokeX : 400 Y : 370 Z : 400 
Repeatable positioning Accuracy±1
Rapid feed ratem/min54 (X,Y-axis), 40 (Z-axis)


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