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Drilling Unit for Aerospace

Achieving high precision and high efficiency in the drilling processes for aerospace composite structural material!
Two types of drilling unit are available, all air type and servo feed type.


Portable Drilling Unit [Air-driven Type] "Pneuconfeeder"

ニューコンフィーダAll air-driven and portable drilling unit for aerospace!

Pneuconfeeder is air-driven type equipped with a durable high torque air motor.
This compact and lightweight unit utilizes Sugino Machine's drilling technology.



1.All Air-Driven

On-board adjustments for the air feed and rotation enable laminated materials to be drilled efficiently.

2. Control Delamination and Burr Generation

And 2-step speed control can provide inching feed drill mode at the exit of the drilled hole to minimize the occurrence of burrs at break through and material delamination.





Portable Drilling Unit [Servo-driven Type] "Eleconfeeder"

エレコンフィーダNo stroke setting is required even for laminated materials.
Portable drilling unit for aerospace!

The Eleconfeeder is servo-driven type equipped with a compact yet high power motor.
This very flexible, high-end model can achieve drilling processes at the best cutting conditions.



1.Even drilling complex laminated materials with high precision and high efficiency.

It is equipped with Sugino's original "Stroke free" system.
For laminations consisting of different materials and thickness, the drill mode switches to its best condition automatically per material hence the drilling precision and drill bit life improve.


2.Control Delamination and Burr Generation

Eleconfeeder can adjust the feed rate automatically at drill bit breakthrough which minimizes an exit burr and delamination.




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