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Promoting Health and Safety Activities

Health and Safety Activities

In order to prevent workplace accidents or health problems for employees, Sugino Machine carries out health and safety activities according to "Health and Safety Management Regulations". In addition to safety patrols and comprehensive protective equipment that takes into consideration the characteristics of each plant, health and safety training is also provided to raise awareness among employees as part of the efforts to reduce or eliminate the risk of accidents in the workplace.

In addition to conventional safety measures that are corrective in nature, preventive measures are also promoted through the workplace health and safety management system. Information about close calls that occur during normal duties is publicized and shared, and the causes of workplace accidents are analyzed so as to prevent them from recurring again.

Safety Patrol




Disaster Training

A fire prevention manager is appointed at each Sugino Machine plant, and fire evacuation drills are carried out periodically.
In addition to confirming emergency evacuation routes and first-aid responses, we also strive to raise the level of awareness of crisis managment in our normal work through fire extinguishing and evacuation drills so as to create a company that is capable of handling any disaster.

Fire Extinguishing Drills