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Standards of Conduct

Sugino Machine Group Standards of Conduct

The Sugino Machine Group Standards of Conduct were set out in order to establish specific codes of conduct to be complied with in daily business activities. Specific standards are established so that an employee take the proper actions according to compliance guidelines in a certain work situation.

1. Customers

  1. We will treat customers with sincerity and respect, and we will strive to improve our product and service quality based on customer feedback.
  2. We will carefully manage quality and inventory storage periods in accordance with internal company rules.
  3. We will comply with various regulations and standards in order to provide safe products.
  4. We will clearly indicate proper handling methods and precautions, and we will make sure to explain them properly so that products can be used safely.
  5. We will not engage in unfair trade practices and improper trade restrictions.
  6. We will strive to create products that satisfy customers by ensuring work standards are followed and quality assurance is carried out, as well as by implementing verification tests.
  7. We will strive to prevent the recurrence of quality defects by thoroughly determining the cause and quickly implementing a solution or counter-measure.
  8. We will disclose product information as required by laws and regulations.
  9. We will not use misleading expressions about the performance or quality of our products.
  10. We will responsibly manage our customers' confidential and private information to ensure it is not leaked.
  11. We will resolutely refuse requests that are unacceptable to society at large.

2. Suppliers

  1. We will refuse to offer any excessive hospitality or benefits.
  2. We will use impartial standards to select suppliers for the procurement of goods and services.
  3. We will obey laws and regulations, and engage in fair transactions with suppliers while respecting the position of the other party.

3. Society and the Environment

  1. As members of the local community, we will strive to co-exist in harmony with and consider the health and safety of local residents.
  2. We will strive towards the effective use of resources and environmental conservation, creating harmony between the natural environment and our living environment.
  3. We will respond to anti-social forces with firm resolve.
  4. We will maintain social communications and engage in highly transparent business activities.
  5. We will obey laws and regulations, and act with the safety of people as our primary concern in all situations.
  6. We will respect the laws, history, culture and values of various regions around the world, and contribute to both the local area and the world.

4. Politics and Government

  1. We will not provide gifts or other benefits to government officials, politicians or members of organizations with vested interests.
  2. We will quickly respond to any requests for reports or inspections from relevant government agencies.

5. Our Company

  1. We will obey laws and regulations and carry out fair business activities.
  2. We will respect the rights of others while using our own company rights effectively.
  3. We will adopt a whistle-blower system to prevent problems from occurring and spreading.
  4. We will obey labor laws and regulations, and provide a safe and pleasant workplace environment at all times.
  5. We will not take other actions that make people uncomfortable or force others into sexual relations.
  6. We will not use our position or authority to threaten or bully others.
  7. We will adopt a fair human resource system to determine performance evaluation and reward.
  8. We will not take confidential or important information outside the company.
  9. We will provide thorough ethics training and act in a socially acceptable manner.
  10. We will separate our work and private lives, and we will not use working hours or any company device or equipment for personal use.
  11. We will check whether our actions are consistent with the standards of conduct and company motto at all times.
  12. We will handle the private information of our employees in an appropriate manner and with due care.
  13. We will provide training for employees to learn about their work and responsibilities, and strive to improve work quality.