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Approaches for High Quality

Quality Control 

At Sugino Machine, in order to deliver safe, high-quality products to customers, we carry out a number of tests during the development and planning stages and implement thorough quality control in daily activities.
Sugino Machine employees are involved in continuous product improvements in order to provide high-quality technology and services that accurately capture and fulfil customer needs at every point in the process, from sales to customer service.

High Quality

S-up Activities

Sugino Machine is involved in "S-up Activities"(*) to continuously improve work efficiency in the company as a whole. By selecting the best ideas from daily improvement efforts and announcing them at company-wide meetings twice yearly, not only are the ideas spread throughout the company but employees are also further motivated.

* S-up: The "S" indicates Sugino Machine, productivity, cleanliness and order, while the "up" indicates a mindset of constantly seeking to improve.



Quality Improvement Month

At Sugino Machine, a "Quality Improvement Month" is held regulary. Each department works on a theme to improve quality, such as eliminating unreasonableness, waste and irregularity.