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Development of Human Resources and Utilization

Initiatives towards Cultural Diversity

As a company aiming to expand its business globally, we require not only global talent but initiatives towards cultural diversity as well. Diversity management plays an important role in providing the values that are sought by society from a global perspective.   

In order to expand our activities to growth markets worldwide and sink business roots in local regions and countries, it is vital to hire personnel who are familiar with the language and culture of that region. In order to respond to diverse values and changes in the business environment, we will respect individuality and diversity to increase the potential of our work force.   

From Crafting People to Craftsmanship

The human resource development goal at Sugino Machine is to nurture workers who can "think and act independently".
The business environment is constantly changing in line with the globalization and diversification of customer needs, as well as the adoption of new technologies. In such an environment, it is necessary to develop professionals who not only have a high level of specialized knowledge but are also able to look at things from multiple perspectives, analyze them, and respond flexibly.

Besides on-the-job training that teaches specialized skills through actual work, we also have a system of training courses at different levels for specialized training, career development, skill development and management training. Many employees also choose to study languages or take correspondence courses on their own to acquire more specialized knowledge, or simply to increase their knowledge and improve themselves.



Skill Mentoring

Sugino Machine has a "Skill Mentoring System (Meister System)" where employees with superb skills and technique are recognized as meisters. Employees who have previously participated in the "Skills Olympics" and been recognized as "Masters of Toyama" for their advanced skills are also passing those skills to the younger generation.                                                  In order to produce the order-made products that customers desire, the machining accuracy of every component in the product is critical to the overall quality. Passing on expert skills is therefore an important issue for Sugino Machine.



SD System

As part of the overall effort to promote self-learning among employees, Sugino Machine has a "SD System"(*) in place to support the personal development of employees. A part of this system is the "SD Courses" which was first started in 1979. These are correspondence courses selected by the company that employees can choose from to study specialized topics to increase their knowledge and refine their values. Sugino Machine strives to develop employees who adopt a broad perspective in carrying out their work with a strong will and advanced specialized knowledge.

* SD: self-development

SD Courses