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Youth Education

Student Internships

Sugino Machine is involved in activities to support students, in whose hands the future of craftsmanship rests. With the goal of having students become interested in craftsmanship by actually experiencing the work process in the plant, student interns are accepted every year. As part of our contribution to the development of Japanese craftsmanship, we will continue to support students in the future.

Factory Tours for Students

Sugino Machine has provided many students with tours of our factories. By having the tour participants experience water jet cutting, we hope they take an interest in craftsmanship. Hoping that students on the tour will become excellent engineers in the future, we continue to support education.

Passing on Skills and Knowledge to Students

Sugino Machine collaborates with industrial high schools to hold the "High School Craftsman Skill Development Workshop", sending engineers to participate. At this workshop, high school students who will participate in the "Monozukuri Contest" are tutored in metal working by nationally certified "High Proficiency Skilled Workers". Practical skills and knowledge were taught in preparation for the contest, such as shaving down a metal cylinder into a screw and making parts with uneven surfaces.

High School Craftsman Skill Development Workshop