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Hydro Speed Regulator: Hydraulic Feed Rate Control Unit

Controls the feed rate of Pneumatic Feed Type Selfeeder Models!

regulatorThe "Hydro Speed Regulator" is a Hydraulic Feed Rate Control Unit that can be freely adjusted from low to high to regulate the speed of air cylinder feed.
Depending on the application, two types of control methods can be selected: Air Return Type and Spring Return Type.
In addition, an optimum Skip Motion Type Hydro Speed Regulator is available to process the pipe material.

RB Type Spring Return Type

rbWhen there is no load on the piston rod, it is returned automatically to its initial position by an internal spring.


  • Feed rate control of the Drill Unit
  • Feed rate control of the Slide Table and other components

R-A Type Air Return Type

raThe piston rod stops in position even when the load on it has been removed. It is returned by supplying air. Enabled for step feed control.

RB-SK Type / R-A SK Type Skip Motion Type

rb-skAn external air signal can be used to switch from low to high speed and high to low speed.


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