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Overview of the show

The mechanical processing technology community meets again from 27 - 29 September 2022
in Nuremberg, Germany. Some 700 companies will show their product spectrum - and we are
there, too!

We enclose a free admission voucher and sincerely invite you to visit us on stand 614 in Hall
3A at POWTECH 2022
, where we will be pleased to present our latest products manufactured

Please register at and print your
free ticket to have access to the event via fast lane.

Dates Germany 27 – 29 September 2022
Venue Nuremberg, Germany
Booth No.

Hall 614 in Hall 3A

  • Wet milling and dispersing device
  • Laboratory dry mill


 Wet milling and dispersing device "Star Burst"

StarBurstminiStar Burst is a wet-type micronizing device to disperse, emulsify, comminute and delaminate particles by the collision of the ultra-high pressurized slurry in our original chambers.

Maximum pressure is 245MPa (2.450 bar or 35.525 psi).
Star Burst Mini  is the ideal partner in the development of cutting-edge, high value materials with extremely small material preparations with maximum yield.


Carbon Materials and Clays for Batteries, Additives, Fillers, Cosmetics
Ceramics, Metals and Metal Oxides for Electronics
Pigments for Inkjet ink and Cosmetics
Emulsions for Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals
Cellulose for nanofiber application


Twin Impeller Dry Mill "Dry Burst Mini (DB-100S CE)"

DryBurstminiThe "Dry Burst DB-100S CE" is a space-saving dry-type milling device that supports continuous production of low-contamination powder with a particle diameter of less than 10 µm.
The powder is produced by colliding the raw material particles with one another using the air flow generated by two rotating impellers.
Compared with jet mills, the particle diameter can be better adjusted without over-pulverization.
Furthermore, the running costs are lower since the unit's power consumption is low.

Processing capacity
~4 kg/hr

For more details, please visit our booth  to find out!


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