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New Technology Center / Assembly plant for “Star Burst” at Hayatsuki Plant

Sugino Machine Limited (Uozu City, Toyama Prefecture,Company President: Yoshiaki Sugino) will construct a new assembly plant at its Hayatsuki Plant (Kuriyama, Namerikawa City, Toyama Prefecture) to further enhance competitiveness and develop new markets.

In the field of ultra-high pressure, where we can take full advantage of our core technologies, we aim to expand production capacity and reduce lead times, as well as capitalize on global demand for development and production, particularly in the materials sector.

 Amidst the worldwide promotion of remote working and the use of the Web, investment in the communications field, represented by 5G, is expected to continue to increase in the future. We are preparing a supply system for processing equipment to support the increased production of electronic components manufacturers.

The construction of the new factory will expand the production capacity of Star Burst, wet pulverization and dispersion device using ultra-high pressure technology, and is expected to increase sales by 1.5 times.

Overview of new plant

perspective drawing of new plant


2880 Kuriyama, Namerikawa-shi, Toyama

Commencement of plant construction

July 2020
Plant completion

March 2021

Commencement of operations

May 2021
Size of the buildingTotal floor area 2,732 m2

Building structure

Partially two-story building for technology center and assembly plant

Production items

wet pulverization and dispersion device using ultra-high-pressure technology

Products to be assembled

Star Burst“Star Burst” is a wet pulverization and dispersion device capable of facilitating dispersion, emulsification, pulverization of raw materials. Among many chamber configurations, Star Burst system can provide the key highlighted chamber “Oblique Collision Chamber”  enables effective collision of pressurized particles up to 245Mpa (2,450 bar/35,525 psi) with Mach 4 relative velocity.

This product has been introduced in a wide range of industries because it is an innovative method of powder processing with minimum contamination.



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