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Notice of the Production Transition- “Selfeeder Varimec SSV5/SSV4”“Selfeeder Dual MS6-DS”

Notice is hereby given that we are going to shift the production of the following SELFEEDERS to the new model "SELFEEDER DUO", which is the successor.

The discontinuation of models will be implemented according to the following schedule.

We are pleased you to check it and consider replacing the product with its successor.

​​Production Transition Model

Model Applicable

Successor Model



・SSV4M-SL-2070(B) ・SD4-2060B
・SSV4M-SL-2017(B) ・SD4-2608B
VARIMEC SSV5M type ・SSV5M-SL-2055(B) ・SD5-2060B
・SSV5M-SL-2610(B) ・SD5-2608B




DUAL MS6-DS type

・MS6-DS-2416 ・SD4

Deadlines for Order-taking and Maintenance Support

  1. End of March 2023 : Deadline for order-taking at the current list price
  2. April 2023 : Shift from planned production to make-to-order production(with Price revision)
  3. End of September 2023 : Deadline for order-taking after shift to make-to-order production (discontinued)
  4. End of March 2030 : Deadline for repair support and maintenance parts supply (*7 years from deadline for order-taking)

*Electric parts supply and repair support may not be available even within the supply period depending on their availability.

Your understanding of price revisions and discontinuation of models described above would be highly appreciated.

We are looking forward to continuing our business relationship.


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