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Sugino Pump G Series: Motor Driven Type Compact High-Pressure Pump

Sugino Pump Motor G Series

The definitive compact and light-weight model!

The "Sugino Pump G Series" is a series of plunger-type pumps that can generate high-pressure water up to a maximum pressure of 50 MPa.
Connected directly to the motor, this pump can easily be brought to the work site due to its compact and lightweight design, making it perfect for washing operations using a hand gun.


  1. Cleaning of HETSuperb reliability
    Our ultrahigh-pressure technology has been rolled into one single product to achieve a superb level of reliability.
    The highly efficient design, along with a long lifespan for expendable items, helps to keep running costs down.
  2. A thoroughly compact and lightweight design
    The size and weight have been reduced by up to 40% (comparison by Sugino) while maintaining the product's excellent durability.
    Saving a great amount of space, this product can be used for a wide range of applications, such as being loaded on a road washer, etc.
  3. Raising "toughness" to the next level
    The crankshaft is supported by a unique structural design.
    Offers excellent durability that allows for extended operations. 


Application Examples

  • Washing chemical reaction tanks, vessels, etc.
  • Washing the exterior and interior of boilers and condensers
  • Washing the interior of pipes and tubes
  • High-pressure washing of all machine parts
  • Washing the interior of sewerage and other water pipes
  • High pressure washing of facilities and equipment, etc. 


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