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Self-Center VC15: #30 Vertical Compact Machining Center

All-axis column traverse! High-efficiency machine compatible with turntables!

セルフセンタVC15The "Self-Center VC15" is a compact, high-precision machining center equipped with a turntable.
All-axis column traverse makes its perfect for processing lines.

Basic specifications

virticalVertical type #30
X: 400 mm
Y: 320 mm
Z: 315 mm

toolsTool attachments
15 tools
* Optional
27 tools

speedMaximum spindle
rotation speed
15,000 rpm
2.2 kW

tableAllowable load
500 kg


* Supported options

Processing capacity


Aluminum 25 mm diameter
Cast iron 22 mm diameter
Steel 18 mm diameter


Aluminum M24 mm
Cast iron M20 mm
Steel M16 mm

Milling cutter

Aluminum 200 cm3/min
Cast iron 60 cm3/min
Steel 35 cm3/min

Advantages of VC15

1. All-axis Column Traverse

All-axis (X, Y, Z) column traverse makes its possible to use the unit on its own. In addition, the unit is perfect for processing lines as the table can easily be accessed.


2. Turntable Compatibility

Because workpieces can be removed and mounted during processing, idle time has been reduced and productivity has been increased.



3. Custom-made Unit Specifications

We also sell the units as single products to allow you to manufacture custom-made units to your requirements.



Stroke X-axis mm 400 (column traverse)
Y-axis mm 320 (column traverse)
Z-axis mm 310 (column traverse)
Table Working area mm 600 × 400
Allowable load kg 500
Distance from table surface
to spindle nose
mm 150 - 450
Spindle Spindle taper - NT30
Standard min-1 12,000 2.2 kW
High-speed min-1 15,000 2.2 kW
Coolant-through min-1 12,000 3.7 kW
High-torque min-1 12,000 3.7 kW
Feed Rapid feed rate m/min 30 (X,Y-axis), 40 (Z-axis)
Cutting feed rate m/min Max.10
Min. programmable unit mm 0.001
Accuracy Positioning mm 0.004 (in full travel)
Repeatability mm ±0.001
Turret Number of tools - 15 (optional 27)
Tool to Tool sec 1.0
Tool shank - BT30 (Pull stud MAS P30T-2)
Maximum tool dimensions mm φ 60  × 200
Maximum tool weight kg 2.0 (3.5 at low-speed ATC)
Tool selection - Memory random
Machine Width × Length × Height mm 1,892 × 2,820 × 2,515
Weight kg 4,000
Power source Power supply - 3-phase AC 200V±10%, 50/60 Hz
Power capacity kVA Max. 18
Air pressure MPa 0.4 - 0.6
Air consumption L/min (ANR) Max.100

1. The automatic lubrication system (standard) is used for lubrication of ball screws and linear guides of the feed axes.
2. Standard color : SUGINO Dark-gray (base), SUGINO Off-white (splash guard), and SUGINO Blue-green (front door)



1. Maximum tool dimensions refer to the length from the tool gauge edge to the tool tip.
2. Please inquire separately regarding the specific dimensions.


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