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Self-Center V15-LX : #30 Vertical Compact Maching Center

セルフセンタv15-LXHigh-precision machining for large workpieces with long stroke! A 30-taper class machining center with 40-taper class high-rigidity!

The "Self center V15-LX" is a machining center that has greatly expanded stroke without changing the machine width, as compared to the horizontal machining center "Self Center V15" which raised the mechanical rigidity to the limit.
The Y-axis table traverse allows automatic transfer using a gantry loader or similar device.

Basic specification

strokeVertical #30
X:650 mm
Y:400 mm
Z:400 mm


Number of tools mounted
 15 Tools
* Optional
 27 Tools

strokeMaximum spindle
rotation speed
20,000 min-1


 Automation support
 * Supported opitions

Machining capacity


 ・Aluminum φ25 mm
 ・Cast iron φ22 mm
 ・Steel φ18 mm


 ・Aluminum M24 mm
 ・Cast iron M20 mm
 ・Steel M16 mm

Milling cut

 ・Aluminum 200 cm3/min
 ・Cast iron 60 cm3/min
 ・Steel 35 cm3/min


Features of V15-LX

1. High Speed and High Durability

CAE structural analysis enables the machine to have a lightweight body while being fast and highly rigid. High acceleration and deceleration as well as a rapid feed rate of 54 m/min help reduce idle time while enabling high-precision processing. Furthermore, with its excellent strength balance, the machine can perform highly accurate milling and boring.


2. Space-saving and Energy-saving

A 30-taper class machining center with 40-taper class ability capable of space-saving. In addition, the power consumption is reduced by 25%, hence you can reduce the running cost.


3. Stroke corresponding to large workpieces

We significantly expanded the corresponding work size.
Even large workpiece can be machined with a affordable stroke.

Stroke corresponding to large workpieces


Spindle taper-#30
StrokemmX・650 × Y・400× Z・400mm
Spindle Speedmin-120,000 (Optional)
Repeatable Positioning Accuracyμm±1
Machine DimentionsmmW 1,750×L 2,275×H 2,950
Machine Weightkg3,700
Power CapacitykVA18 (AC200V)


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