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XION α-5AX: 5-Axis Simultaneous Control Compact Machining Center

Xion α-5AX5-Axis simultaneous control machining center of super compact design with a width of 1,260mm !

Extremely compact design with the machine width at 1,260mm. This compact super-precision and 5 axis simultaneous control machining center has a wide machining area.

Best suited for precision and micro machining such as impellers, turbine blades, lens molds, medical equipment and electronic parts.

Basic Specifications

strokeX / Y / Z:
300 / 430 / 200 mm
A: ±120°
C: 360°

toolsNumber of tools mounted:
13 pieces
(optional 21)


tableAllowable load: 
15 kg

Features of XION α-5AX

1. High Speed Spindle


Built-in motor spindle with max. rotation speed 40,000min-1 is equipped.
Best suited for high speed and high quality machining for fine free-form surface by small diameter tools.

2. High Speed and High Quality 5 axis Machining

High Speed and High QualityDirect drive motor is used for the self-developed A/C axis tilting rotary unit.
X / Y / Z axes are full-closed loop type with a linear scale, achieving precise/high speed machining.

3. Space-saving Design

Super compact machine which width is only 1,260mm.


ModelXION α-5AX
StrokeX-axis × Y-axis × Z-axismm300 (+40 ATC special stroke)× 430(table traverse)× 200
TableWorking areammφ170
Allowable loadkgMax.15
Min. indexing (A, C-axis)deg0.001
Rotation speed (A, C-axis)deg/minA-axis: 140 , C-axis: 200
SpindleSpindle taper-HSK-E32
Rotation speedmin-140,000
FeedFeed ratem/min18
Cutting feed ratem/min18
Min. programmable unitmm0.0001
AccuracyPositioning (X, Y, Z-axis)mm0.002
Repeatability (X, Y, Z-axis)mm±0.001
ATCTool to toolsec.1
Number of toolspieces13 (optional: 21)
Tool shank-HSK-E32
Maximum tool dimensionsmmMax.φ25×160L
Maximum tool weightkgMax.0.5
MachineWidth × Length × Heightmm1,260×2,000×2,100
Power SourcePower supply-AC200V±10%50/60Hz
Power capacitykVA20
Air pressure MPa0.4~0.6
Air consumptionL/min(ANR)350
CNC controllerSIEMENS 840Dsl
* Please note that specifications and others are subject to change without notice due to continuing product improvement.


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