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What is the “Selfeeder Varimec” Servo Feed Drilling Unit?

  The Development Aims of “Selfeeder Varimec”

VarimecThe servo feed drilling unit “Selfeeder Varimec” is a versatile electronic control drilling unit that can adapt not only to quality requirements such as reducing processing time, improving hole position accuracy and reducing exit burring, but also to changes in specifications for small-volume, high-mix production.
The "Selfeeder Varimec" has been popular ever since its release. We introduce its development aims and features in detail below.

1. The Pursuit of High Speed Cutting

  •  Increasing the drilling unit spindle rotation speed.
  •  Enabling setting of a processing origin (secondary origin) in addition to the mechanical origin.
  •  Enabling processing compatible with sintered carbide drilling and specialized burnishing drilling.

2. The Pursuit of Versatility

  • The drilling unit features stepless adjustment of spindle rotation speed and feed rate.
  • Supports Z-axis long strokes.

3. The Pursuit of High Accuracy and High Rigidity

  •  High rigidity construction allows end milling and facing.

4. The Pursuit of Miniaturization

  • Overall length of the drilling unit made as short as possible to allow miniaturization of the drilling processing machine.

5. The Pursuit of Cost Reduction

  •  Lowering cost price through planned simplification drilling unit construction and sharing of parts with existing drilling units.



1. Stepless Setting of Spindle Rotation Speed and Cutting Feed Rate.

“Selfeeder Varimec” controls spindle rotation speed with a dedicated inverter, and feed rate with a dedicated controller.
This enables stepless setting of both spindle rotation speed and feed rate, enabling optimal processing conditions for the the cutting tool in use.
This has the following beneficial effects:

  1. Reduced drill wear
    Constant cutting feed during processing, provided by the mechanical feeder, results in constant cutting resistance on the drill bit and less early wear.
  2. Stable hole position accuracy
    Hole position accuracy is stablized by slowing the feed rate as the drill bites, keeping it from slipping.
  3. Burr reduction
    Production of burrs is reduced by slowing the feed rate while the drill is penetrating.
  4. High accuracy deep hole drilling
    The ability to set the number of steps during deep hole drilling to stepless enables high accuracy deep hole drilling.
  5. No chattering
    No chattering when spot-facing or chamfering work after step drill drilling.

2. 13 Preset Modes as Standard

“Selfeeder Varimec” is designed to be multifunctional, coming with 13 preset modes as standard including step, back chamfering, and skip (jump feed).
It's easy to operate, all you have to do is choose the relevant preset mode and enter data for the "spindle rotation speed", "cutting feed rate" and "overall stroke" parameters.
You can also preset up to 99 programs, then just select a program number when you want to use it.

Example Modes

Example Modes


3. High Accuracy and High Rigidity

Our patented retention mechanism significantly improves the radial and torsional rigidity of the quill by holding the quill tip in the slide portion and the quill base in the linear guide.
This gives chatter-free, excellent end mill spot-facing.

End milling samples

End milling samples


4. Compact Design and Long Stroke

Adopting a built-in motor has allowed significant miniaturization of the “Selfeeder Varimec” without losing Z axis long stroke.
Despite being only 2/3 as long, the SSV3 has a Z axis stroke twice as long as that of our previous machines.

Comparison with previous machines

Comparison with previous machines


Selfeeder "Varimec" Usage Example

The "Selfeeder Varimec" SSV3 enables low initial cost production of highly flexible processing machines through combination with XY slide units provided by our customers.

Usage Examples

Varimec usage examples