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Installation Example 2 for the "Varimec SSV5" Servo Feed Drilling Unit (Multi-axis)

Installation Example 4 Varimec SSV5 (2)

Varimec modelSSV5-2610 (Multi-axis)
Shape4-φ11.0 x64L + φ26 spot-facing x3.5L
ToolsDiamond compacs tool, burnishing drill shape (MT#2)

Before Installation

Processing with a pneumatic feed unit

Reasons for Installation

  1. Need to shorten processing takt time using simultaneous 4-axis processing with diamond tools.
  2. Need to reduce processing takt time by making it possible to change requirements during processing.
  3. Need enough rigidity to prevent any chatter from the seating face while spot facing.
  4. It is our goal to avoid a significant mark-up in price in comparison to pneumatic feed units.

Results of Installation

  1. NC control shortened the actual processing time.
       SSV5 type: 20.9 sec
    Pneumatic feed unit: 53   sec
  2. The slide is no longer needed with the 300 mm stroke.(Actual processing 190 mm)
  3. When installing a multi-axis head and bush plate, dangling is minimal and centering is easier.
  4. The lifetime of tools is prolonged and the operating costs are reduced.
  • The change in the number of rotations completed by the program enabled processing under optimum conditions.
  • NC control and precision ball screw enabled stable feeding.
  • NC control enabled shorter time for start-up of machinery (adjusting time).

Processing requirements

 Drilling with low feed rate→counterbore
Clearing film of the die casting low feed rate F = 210 mm/min
Profile machining unit High feed rate F = 300 mm/min
Drilling unit 1,000 min -1 (V = 34.5 m/min)
Counterbore unit  800 min -1 (V = 65.3 m/min)

Selfeeder Varimec SSV5 type + four axes head