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"Varimec" Servo Feed Drilling Unit Q&A

Q1. How is Varimec different from the Mechatric servo-feeding type drilling unit?

The biggest difference between the servo feed type Varimec and Mechatric is that Varimec allows the rotation speed as well as the feed rate to be set freely. Also, depending on the processing pattern, Varimec allows the number of rotations to be changed during processing.
Furthermore, the main motor is built in, and the adoption of a specially constructed structure makes it very compact and gives it high precision and rigidity. ("Vari" in Varimec refers to "vari" in "variable". )



Q2. How does it set the rotation speed?

This is performed by the supplied dedicated inverter.
The rotation speed is set by inputting the processing program.



Q3. How does it cool off the main axis built-in motor?

Please provide 0.2 to 0.3 MPa dried air for cooling.
It is used as the main axis air purge by discharging the air for cooling from the tip of the spindle.



Q4. What types of moving patterns are there for feeding?

Just as with Mechatric, step and skip processing are possible. (Refer to Technical section Features. 2 13 processing patterns as standard equipment .)
A program can also be selected by external signal.



Q5. How does it generate the processing program?

Using a simple interactive program input method, the program can be input by the optional PC-03 type programming console, touch panel TP-01 type, or computer.



Q6. When using multiple Varimec units, is a controller required for each?

When using multiple Varimec units, a controller is required for each Varimec unit used.
However, since the included controller is for multi-drop handling, it is possible to input the programming by either a programming console or computer without inserting or removing a cable.



Q7. Is ATC possible?

There is no ATC function available. Exchanging the cutting tool is a quick fix via the quick change holder.