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Water Jet Cutter Q&A

Ultra High-Pressure Water Cutting Equipment Q&A

Q1 How is it possible to do cutting work with water?

Have you ever squirted water out of a hose while covering the opening with your finger? The water that squirts out while the hose opening is partially covered has strong momentum and is propelled a long way.

Cutting with the Water Jet Cutter uses the same principle. Narrowing the opening from which the water is projected increases the water pressure, transforming it into a sharp cutting implement.

The Water Jet Cutter uses an extremely high water pressure of 392 MPa (approximately 4,000 atmospheres). This corresponds to water pressure approximately 2,000 times greater than that of tap water. The pressurized water blasts out at an incredible speed, approximately three times the speed of sound.

This water can cut through any object, because of the collision force of the water incident on its target.


Q2 What can be cut with a Water Jet Cutter?

Our Water Jet Cutter cuts using an ultrahigh-pressure water jet only, while our Abrasive Jet Cutter mixes abrasive materials with ultrahigh-pressure water.

  1. Water Jet Cutting
    ... Cuts relatively soft materials, including rubber, nylon, paper, cloth and plastic.In addition, it is suitable for cutting such food products as trout sushi.
  2. Abrasive Jet Cutter
    ... Cuts hard materials, including metals (aluminum, titanium, copper, iron and steel, etc.), glass, compound materials and stone.


Q3 In which fields are Water Jet Cutters used?

A more familiar use of water jets is the manufacturing of automotive components, including floor carpets, roof materials and doors.
Furthermore, they are used in a wide range of industries and fields, including prefabricated baths, plasterboard, veneer, incense and printed-circuit boards.

▲Trimming of automotive interior materials


Q4 What are the features of Water Jet Cutting?

It has features such as the following:

  1. No heat is produced when cutting.
  2. No dust is produced.
  3. It is possible to cut complex shapes.
  4. It is possible to cut brittle or hard materials.
  5. Cutting allowance is small. 
  6. Wetting of the cut surface is very small.


Q5 What kind of equipment is necessary to carry out cutting work with a water jet?

The following items are generally necessary:

  1. An ultrahigh-pressure pump to produce ultrahigh-pressure water
  2. A cutting device to move the nozzle or cutting work
  3. High-pressure attachments to direct the ultrahigh-pressure water, such as ultrahigh-pressure pipes, swivel joints, nozzles and ON/OFF valve
  4. A supply filter unit to provide water to the ultrahigh-pressure pump
  5. An automatic abrasion supply device to provide an abrasive when cutting with an abrasive jet