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Jet Clean Center Vacuum Dry: Vacuum Dryer

JCC-VCDVacuum dry deep inside the workpieces after the washing is done!

The "Jet Clean Center-Vacuum Dry" uses less than 10 Torr of vacuum to vaporize the remaining moisture inside the workpieces after washing.
Thorough drying deep inside holes and within oil jackets.
There has been no such level of dryness until now.


  1. Irrespective of work conditions
    Moisture can be evaporated in complex shaped places such as deep holes and tap holes.
  2. Energy saving
    Blow air supply is not required, to save energy.
  3. No need for cooling processes for workpieces
    During the vacuum drying process, the workpiece temperature is lowered, so cooling is not necessary before inspection.

Application Examples

  • Automotive parts: thorough draining of workpieces
  • Electronic parts: complete drying of multiple odd shaped jobs



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