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Super Finishing Technology

Image of ”super finishing technology”

Smoothing without shaving

”Super Finishing Technology” is a reforming technique that uses rollers to smooth metal surfaces.
This technology was created from the "Tube Expander", which expands and fixes a heat exchanger tube.
It not only achieves a mirror finish on the surface, but simultaneously improves internal residual compressive stress as well as abrasion resistance and fatigue strength. Unlike polishing and grinding, this technology does not generate waste such as sludge. It is a clean and smart processing technology that can be employed at any manufacturing site.

”Super Finishing” Technology Products

Image of roller burnishing tools

Roller Burnishing Tools

These tools provide a mirror finish by smoothing metal surfaces with rollers.

Image of cutting and roller burnishing tool

Cutting and Roller Burnishing Tools

These tools are for simultaneous cutting and roller burnishing.

Image of dimple forming tool

Dimple Forming Tools

This tool forms small dimples and recesses with a depth of several μm in metal surfaces.

Image of tube expanding and tube end facing tools and equipment

Tube Expanding and Tube End Facing Tools and Equipment

Tools and equipment for fixing heat exchanger tubes to tube plates.

Image of tube cutting, pulling, and cleaning tools and equipment

Tube Cutting, Pulling, and Cleaning Tools and Equipment

These are tools and equipment for removing and cleaning heat exchanger tubes.

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