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CNC Robotic Hand Type Washing Machine with high effciency"JCC 503 Robo"

An innovative machine is now available that revolutionizes the washing machine!

JCC503 JCC-Robo is a highiy efficient washing machine that enablestransfer,washing, and drying of workpieces without the need for any other equipment.Featuring highly rigid robotic hands,it achieves shorter cycle time and a smaller footprint.
Furthermore, it offers longer stroke lengths and more nozzles than its predecessor,enabling even more powerful precision washing.

■Recommended Applications
  ・Automotive parts : Engine parts,
     transmission parts, and more.

Engine parts



An orthogonal 3-axis and joint 2-axis design delivers high rigidity and high accuracy!
Unique CNC robotic hand washing.
(Automatic Change of Robotic Hands.(optional))

JCC-Robo includes a feature that automatically changes robotic hands.
This means that the machine adapts easily to a production line where different models exist and is thus ideal for flexble production.

■JCC 503 Robo movie


DigInfo News(YouTube)link

Examples of Washing

■ Open Air Washing Machine  Valve Body

   Material of WorkPiece : Aluminum  Pressure: 30MPa


■Submerged Washing Machine  Cylinder Head

      Material of WorkPiece : Aluminum  Pressure: 6.5MPa



Dimensions (mm)



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