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Jet Clean Center - U-Jet: CNC Submerged Washing Machine


Global standard in washing machines
MC-based submerged washing machine!

The "Jet Clean Center - U-Jet" submerged high-pressure washing machine is capable of effectively removing residual chips from highly complex workpieces due to the synergistic effect of the 7-MPa high-pressure jet and cavitation.

■ Washing Features
  Removal of Chips

■ Maximum workpiece dimensions
  550×350×H300 mm

The workpiece dimensions are approximate.
Please contact your nearest sales office for more information.



  1. Best Suited for Complex-Shaped Workpieces
    Through submerged injection, the washing pressure increases the overall pressure inside the workpiece. A swirling motion is generated that enables access to tight spaces and prevents blind spots, so even highly complex workpieces can be washed easily.
  2. High Accuracy Target Washing
    0.08 mm positioning accuracy due to CNC control
    Highly accurate and efficient washing is possible.
  3. Applicable to Both Submerged and Open-air Washing
    Open-air washing can be performed in addition to submerged washing, so it can wash different workpieces according to their shapes.



Application Examples

  • Cylinder head, crank shaft, stator housing for EV, transmission products, etc.




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