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High-Pressure Water Washing Machine for Extruder Screws


Thorough washing of complex screws!

The "High-Pressure Water Washing Machine for Extruder Screws" is an open-air high pressure washing machine capable of removing impurities adhering to the screws of plastic extruder.

■ Washing Features

■ Maximum workpiece length / Approximate
  4,800 mm


  1. Screw WashingHigh quality washing is possible
    Even complex screws with small track pits and screw flights can be washed uniformly due to the rocking motion of the inclined angle nozzle head.
  2. High-speed washing is possible.
    ... Loaded with the original cleaning nozzle manufactured by Sugino. Shortens washing time with its wide spraying width and a high speed movement.


Application Examples

  •  Extrusion screws for plastics and rubber
  • Long objects, such as rollers and shafts



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