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U-Jet 2 Index-Type Submerged Washing Machine


Mounting and removal of workpieces and submerged washing can be performed at the same time!

The "U-Jet 2 Index Type Submerged Washing Machine" is a submerged high-pressure washing machine equipped with an index table capable of performing 180-degree indexing.
It can perform air blow, and  load and unload the target workpiece while washing to reduce cycle time.
A "3,4 Index-Type Submerged Washing Machine" capable of performing 120- and 90-degree indexing is also available.

■ Washing Features
  Removal of Chips

■ Maximum workpiece dimensions
  400 × 500 × H350 mm

The workpiece dimensions are approximate.
Please contact your nearest sales office for more information.

System outline chart (example)

Two processes such as load and unload of the workpiece and submerged washing can be performed simultaneously.Ujet2IWashingsystem



Application Examples

  • Cylinder head, cylinder block, etc.



Cylinder head/workpiece material: aluminum, Pressure: 5MPa


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