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Wet Pulverization and Dispersion Device "Star Burst 10"

SBS10Standard model for use in R&D, pilot testing and small-scale production

Star Burst 10 is a wet jet milling device to disperse, emulsify, pulverize, and exfoliate particles by the collision of the ultra-high pressurized slurry in several types of chambers.  Its stable operation is achieved by two intensifiers keeping continuous pressurizing.

■ Throughput: 52-67L/hr

Dispersion, Emulsification, Pulverization, Exfoliation

* The type of chamber can be selected depending on the application              


Model number Motor Max. Throughput Pressure Dia. of Chamber nozzle Explosion Proof Application (External dimensions WxDxH) Weight
kW L/hr MPa mm - mm kg
HJP-25008CE 7.5 52 100~245 φ0.12 Option 1,215×826×1,258 790
HJP-17011CE 67 70~170 φ0.15


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