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Homogenization Example │ Dispersion of Silicon Dioxide

Introducing an example of dispersing silica.
Star Burst LABO  homogeneously disperses  silica nanoparticles.



Properties of Silicon Dioxide (Fumed Silica)

Silicon dioxide (Fumed silica) has the following features.

1.Extremely fine white powder​

2.The colouring and tinting properties are improved​

3.It can be used as an abrasive​


Dispersion of Silicon Dioxide (Fumed Silica)

Operation Conditions

Dispersion of Silicon Dioxide (Fumed silica) with Star Burst LABO under the following conditions.

   Raw materials:Silica slurry with a concentration of 10wt%

   Processing equipment:HJP-25005

   Chamber:Oblique collision chamber(φ0.10)


   Number of passes:3


Comparison Before and After Processing

We compared the silica (fumed silica) before and after treatment. The treated silica (fumed silica) maintains its whiteness and can be dispersed without contamination.

Silicon Dioxide


Processing Equipment

The device used this time is Star Burst LABO.




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