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Homogenization Example │ Emulsification of Squalane

By treating squalane (a highly moisturizing oily liquid) with Star Burst, it is emulsified to nano-scale.



Properties of Squalane

Squalane has the following features.

Highly moisturizing oil-based liquid​

Squalane can be used for skincare products and cosmetics​

Homogeneous emulsification down to nano size particles  improves the ability for squalane to penetrate the skin.

In general, achieving nano-size emulsification is difficult - and processing at production scale can be an added challenge.


Emulsification of Squalane

Nanoemulsion is stably produced at scale by Star Burst 100.

Operation Conditions

Emulsification of squalane with Star Burst 100 under the following conditions.

   Raw materials:Squalene emulsion with a concentration of 5wt%

   Processing equipment:HJP-25080

   Chamber:Slit type chamber


   Number of passes:5


Comparison Before and After Processing

We compared the squalene before and after treatment. After the treatment, the squalane was atomized and became a nano-scale emulsified state.



Processing Equipment

The device used this time is Star Burst 100.

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