MISSION STATEMENT:Creating Honestly Creating Solution Creating Future

SUGINO is celebrating its 80th anniversary.
Meeting customer expectations with technology - this has been at our very core at each and every stage of the growth, and our motivation for challenging new frontiers.
We develop our own ideas, create our own solutions, sell our own products and provide services.
As a professional engineering company, we are carrying forward this ongoing "Founding Spirits" to continue advancing and will work together to grow with our customers.

The Commitment behind our Brand Logo and Icon

Our brand icon takes on the form of an exclamation mark, “ ! ” This symbolizes the amazement and emotions which come from when we meet with customers, as well as the exceptional value that exceeds expectations when we supply our products.
SUGINO’s green color embodies our “Founding Spirits,” and we will press forward together with customers with a fresh sense of resolve.

Brand Logo Brand Icon

Product Design

SUGINO's very first product was a Tube Cleaner, and when founder Rinpei Sugino delivered these products to customers, he also included replacement parts and tools for maintenance which made by himself.
SUGINO has adopted our founder’s desire to provide an easy-use products for customer, by redesigning its hallmark Water Jet Cutter with a view to enhancing its functionality and easy operation.
In every way possible, SUGINO aims to make high-quality and easy use products for our customers.