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Deburring Expo 2019


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Overview of the show

Sugino Machine Ltd. will exhibit at Deburring Expo 2019.

October 8-10, 2019 Sugino Machine will be at the show,  providing you with selective business solutions by our featured products.

DatesOctober 8-10, 2019

Trade Fair Center Karlsruhe1
Messeallee 1, 76287 Rheinstetten, Germany

Booth No.

Hall 1, Stand 302/401

  • Deburring Tool Holders
  • U-Jet Submerged Wash and Deburr Machine
  • Robotic Mechanical Deburring Machine


BARRIQUAN (TM) Robotic Deburring Machine

BarriquanRoboticDeburringMachineThe Sugino Barriquan(TM) Robotic Deburring Machine is an automated cell which features dual Barriquan hi-speed spindles on an end-of-arm KUKA robot, designed to replace manual deburring in your factory.

In addition to the 6-axis robot, there is a rotary positioning table to give full 7-axis capabilities for deburring the most complex of parts.

Washing and Deburring Machine "JCC "

JCCThe "JCC(Jet Clean Center)" is an high pressure Deburring and Washing Machines capable of removing residual chips and burrs inside a workpiece by jetting high pressure water at  Max. 245 MPa.

Sugino Machine is the world's one and only washing machine manufacturer that manufactures from high-pressure pumps to washing machines.

Roller Burnishing Tool "SUPEROLL"


The tools provide a mirror finish by smoothing metal surfaces with rollers. The rollers crush the surface of  metal parts such as brake and master cylinders, and piston pin hole, causing plastic deformation and improving durability and wear resistance. Superoll's mirror finishing meets every type of production needs. 


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