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Cutting and Roller Burnishing Tools

Skive Roller: Cutting and roller burnishing for inner surfaces

sky-icon The inner cutting and roller burnishing Skive Roller is a tool that allows you to perform skiving and roller burnishing simultaneously. It is perfectly suited for finishing of the inner surface of hydraulic cylinders for construction machinery.

Applicable machines: Dedicated driving device

Skive Roller: For inner surface through hole

The final finish of the inner surface processing of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders is achieved through honing or grinding.
The Skive Roller is a multifunction tool that allows you to perform skiving (inner surface cutting within a tube ) and roller burnishing processing continuously.

Skiving section   Roller burnishing section

1-way method

Skiving and roller burnishing is performed in the forward direction, the workpiece is quickly returned, and processing is completed.
With the 1-way method, because skiving and roller burnishing take place under the same process and quick return is possible, the processing time can be shortened. The processing conditions must be set to either the skiving or roller burnishing conditions.

2-way method

Skiving is performed in the forward direction, roller burnishing is performed in the return direction, and processing is completed.
With the 2-way method, because the skiving and roller burnishing processes are separate, processing can be performed using the optimal processing conditions for each. However, quick return is not possible.

Skive Roller Machine: Machine dedicated for inner surface through hole

Skybing-machineSkiving and roller burnishing are performed in one round trip.
The skive roller dedicated machine allows you to perform finishing of the inner surface of cylinders up to a length of 500 mm in a short time.

Skiven and Roller Burnishing



Skive roller machine dimensions and specifications

Speed0 - 1,200 min-1
Drive machineAC inverter motor 22 kW
Feed rate3,000 mm/min
Drive machineAC Servo motor 3.5 kW
Process diameter

φ 32 mm - φ 100 mm
(handled through clamp jig, drill tube exchange)

Processing depthφ 200 mm - φ 500 mm
(handled through clamp jig exchange)
Retract methodPneumatic method
Work clamp methodHydraulic clamp method (clamp weight 2 ton)


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