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From design, production, and sales to maintenance and service, everything is handled consistently by Sugino Machine.

Water Jet Cutting

Cutting is performed for various materials, such as metal, stone, composite materials, and rubber, by ultrahigh-pressure water jet.

Machining Process

Precision shaping of metal parts is performed with high-speed and high-precision.

Gun Drilling

Drilling small diameter and deep holes high-precisely.

Water Beam Laser Proces

Ultra fine process is performed for semiconductor elements, metals and ceramics by the combined technology of water and laser.

Ultrasonic Cutting

Precision micromachining of high hardness brittle materials, such as glass and ceramic, is performed.

Drilling and Tapping

Drilling and tapping is performed, ranging from large diameters to small diameters with high degree of accuracy.

Drilling Process for aerospace

High-precision drilling on aircraft materials.

Surface Property Modification

The rollers press the surface of metal parts, causing plastic deformation and improving durability and wear resistance.


This product solves various problems that occur in deburring by floating process.

Parts Washing and Deburring

Washing and deburring of parts are performed using ultrahigh-pressure and super precision technology.

Drying Parts

Air blowing and vacuum pumps are used to dry parts after cleaning.

Cleanliness Measurement

Residue left on workpieces after washing is automatically measured and evaluated.

Structure Cleaning, Peeling, Blasting, and Cutting

High-pressure water is used to clean the inside and outside surfaces of structures strip them of paint.

Structure Peeling and Chipping

Peeling concrete structures with high-pressure water.

Tube Expansion and Pulling

A tube inserted in the tube sheet hole of a heat exchanger is pushed and expanded from the inside by rollers and fixed into position.


Utilizing ultrahigh-pressure technology and precision technology to produce high quality particles.

Mixing and Deaeration

Mixing raw materials and removing bubbles while rotating and revolving the raw materials. * Link to group company page

Biomass Nanofiber

An ultrafine fiber with a diameter of about 0.02 μm, derived from plant and animal sources and with applications in a wide range of fields.

High Pressurization

Reproduction of ultrahigh-pressure environments for research and testing in medicine, biosciences and chemistry.

High-Pressure / Ultrahigh-Pressure Pumpss

For the wide range of industries who require cleaning technology, deburring technology, cutting technology, and chipping and peeling technology.

Removing fine contamination and oil in the liquid

JCC-HM is a unit which can use the power of fine bubbles to remove the fine contamination and oil in the liquid.

New products

  • JCC-HM Fine bubble Fluid Cleaner
  • Modular
  • JCC 421 UT - CNC Turret Type Submerged Washing & Drying Machine
  • JCC 701 ROBO - In-line washing and drying machine with automatic transfer
  • ”BiNFi-s
  • ”Xion α-5AX
  • Self-Center SC-H40

Product Information

Product list