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Dimple Forming Tools

Micro Dimple Forming Tool: surface quality improvement tool

dimple-iconsuperoll-dimpleToolThe Micro Dimple Forming Tool surface quality improvement tool is a jig that forms minute dimples (dents) of a depth of several μm in metal surfaces. It includes types for inner, outer and flat surfaces.

Applicable machines: Drill Presses, Machining Centers, Lathes

Principles of the Micro Dimple Forming Tool surface quality improvement tool

superoll-dimpletool-graphWhen you rotate and feed the tool, it passes through the workpiece, and as the bore sticks out from the outside, a micro dimple (an extremely detailed dent of a depth of several μm) is formed. The surface where the dimple is formed is a processed surface with excellent abrasion resistance, seize resistance and sliding characteristics due to the oil pot effect. For inner surfaces, there is a dedicated tool (φ5 and over), and for flat surface and outer surfaces, there are all-purpose tools.
They can be applied to all metals below HRC40.






Processing Examples


Internal processing of aluminum materials

  • Used machinery: all-purpose miller
  • Work materials: A2017
  • Rotation speed: 1,000 min-1
  • Feed rate: 1.5 mm/rev

Application Examples

  • Hydrodynamic bearing
  • Rotating and sliding surfaces such as pistons and connecting rods
  • Substitution of oil-free bushings and bearings


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