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JCC 603 Robo:CNC Robot hand Type Deburring and Washing Machine

washingmachineIntroducing the World’s First Ultrahigh-pressure Deburring System

A high-efficiency washing machine capable of transferring,
washing and drying, all in a single unit. The use of a highly rigid
robotic hand helps to reduce cycle time and decrease installation
The world’s first MAX 245 MPa ultrahigh-pressure water jet enables
deburring of steel materials that had previously been difficult to
clean up.

Recommended Applications

  • Automotive parts:Parts such as common rails, brakes, and engine and transmission components
  • Construction machinery, hydraulic parts:Parts such as manifolds
  • Any other parts having deburring problems

Introducing JCC603Robo

Advantage 1

washingimageDeburring with a 245 MPa Ultrahigh-pressure Water Jet

Unparalleled deburring with an ultrahigh-pressure Mach 2 water jet helps
give customer products a new sense of value.

Deburring Applications

  • Deburring around cross-holes in cast iron and stainless steel
    parts, removal of tough edge burrs due to milling, removal of
    oxidation scale after hardening, etc.

Deburring Applications:Material SS400

  • Before deburring


  • After deburring at 50 MPa


  • After deburring at 245 MPa


Other Washing Examples

  • SUS630


  • SS400






Advantege 2

washingnozzleandheadNewly Developed Drive Shaft

The use of a new 2-axes joint developed to make targeting small workpieces easier, combined with XYZ 3-axes high-speed, high positioning accuracy allows flexible and efficient hole and edge targeting.

Main Specifications

Ultrahigh-pressure Washing SpecificationsMAX 245 MPa x 4 L/min
Rinse Washing Specifications0.8 MPa x 100 L/min
Shaft Configuration (Stroke) X-axis 650 Y-axis 500 Z-axis 500 mm A-axis ±90° C-axis 360°
Positioning Accuracy 0.08 mm
Machine DimensionsW 1,600 x L 2,660 x H 2,250 mm
Tank Station DimensionsW 1,600 x L 2,800 x H 2,250 mm
Control Type3 direct axes + 2-axes joint CNC control
Waterproof SpecificationsFully-waterproof (electronic components completely separated
from environment with water spray) 


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