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Cleanliness Assessment Equipment

CLEANRISER: cleanliness assessment equipment


Simple measurement and assessment of the residue after cleaning.

The "CLEANRISER" is a device that automatically measures and assesses contaminants filtered and removed from the detergent liquid after cleaning.
By using it in conjunction with our machining center, washing machines and dryers, total quality improvement, including washing, drying, measurement and assessment, can be achieved.

Easy-to-use interface screen

CleanrisermonitorAfter setting the thresholds and clicking the measure button, measurement can be performed in 30 seconds.

■ Resolution: 7μm

■ Scan resolution: approximately 55 million pixels

<Inspection procedure>
Just operate four areas!

1. Input the setting for the measurement threshold value.
2. Click the measure button.
3. Confirm the automatic measurement result.
4.Output the report.


1. Laborsaving and shortening of inspection time
Compared to conventional naked eye measurement, it is possible to make significant savings in time and labor.


2. Output results to Excel
With just one click, the measurement results can be output to Excel for easy creation of reports.


Excel output items:
Date, Measurement conditions, Measurer, Filter total display image, Expanded image of detected items, List of detected items, Detected volume distribution graph

3. Lineup also includes residue collecting units
This device collects workpiece residue after cleaning in the measurement filter.


Application Examples

  • Reduction in labor costs related to cleaning inspection and inspection of precision parts for automobile parts manufacturers and electronic parts manufacturers


Items to be measured- Cleaning residue collected in the filter (chips, etc.)
Target filter sizemmφ 47 (Size of measured visual field: 50)
Resolutionμm/pixel 7
Minimum detected sizeμm 50
Detector- High-resolution CCD color line sensor
(approximately 55 million pixels in an area of 50 × 50 mm)
Analysis items- Size, number of items, and area of residue
Data output- Measurement report: Excel format
Measurement data: CSV format
External dimensions (W× D× H)mm370 × 520 × 1,400 (excluding work desk)
Masskg80 (excluding work desk)
Power consumptionW500 (AC100 V)
* Microsoft Excel and Excel are registered trademarks or trademarks in the U.S or other countries of Microsoft Corporation U.S.


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