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Privacy Policy

Sugino Machine recognizes its social responsibility to protect the rights and interests of its customers in the handling of personal information when conducting its business, and as a result, Sugino Machine strives to protect personal information in accordance with the following.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Sugino Machine shall comply with laws and other relevant regulations in the protection of personal information. 

Acquisition of Personal Information

  • When acquiring personal information, Sugino Machine shall clarify the purpose of use, and to the extent necessary, obtain the information through lawful and fair means.

 Purpose of Use of Personal Information

  • Sugino Machine shall not use acquired personal information beyond the scope of its purpose of use without the consent of its customers.
  • Sugino Machine shall use acquired personal information for the following purposes.
  1. For guidance and information related to the sales of products and services.
  2. For tasks that are required to provide prompt services in response to customer inquiries
    * In order to carry out a prompt and suitable response, there may be cases whenit is deemed necessary to provide
    a portion of the personal information (information such as name, address, age, phone number, details of inquiry) by phone, writing, or electronic means to Sugino Machine's group companies, company stores, affiliated companies, and outsourcing companies
    (hereinafter referred to as "Third Parties"). However, when requested by a customer to do so, Sugino Machine shall stop providing the information to the Third Parties.
  3. For implementation of surveys for the purpose of planning and developing products as well as for the improvement of customer satisfaction.
  4. For other purposes of use which are specifically made known at the time of acquiring the personal information. 
  5.  For responding to the stipulations of law or the notifications and guidance of the administrative authorities.

Provision to Third Parties

  • Except for the provisions set forth in 2 and 5 above, Sugino Machine shall not provide acquired personal information to Third Parties without the consent of customers.


  • Customers who would like to have their own personal information disclosed, or would like to request correction, stoppage of use, or deletion of personal information,
    should inquire at the following contact.

   Administration Division, General Affairs Department, General Affairs Section
Telephone: +81-765-24-5111
Fax: +81-765-24-5051
WEB:Inquiries about personal information