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From design, production, and sales to maintenance and service, everything is handled consistently by Sugino Machine.

Image of water jet cutter

Water Jet Cutter

This device utilizes high-speed water jet energy up to 600 MPa for cutting various materials.

Image of machining center

Machining Center

This is a compact, high-precision and high rigidity machining center, achieving machining equivalent to taper 40 by spindle taper 30.

Gun Drill Machine

Gun Drill Machine

Small diameter and deep hole gun drilling machine with Sugino's special slide type whip guide system.

Image of water beam machines

Water Beam Machine

This device performs micro processing using a green laser and high-pressure water.

Image of ultrasonic cutting machine

Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

This machine combines ultrasonic vibration at 40,000 times per second with a maximum rotational motion of 8,000 min-1.

Image of drilling and tapping units

Drilling and Tapping Unit

These drilling and tapping units are globally acclaimed and highly versatile.

Drilling Unit for Aerospace

Drilling Unit for Aerospace

These drilling units developed for aerospace industry to achieve higher accuracy in drilling processes.

Deburring Tool Holder and Spindle Motor

Deburring Tool Holder and Spindle Motor

This product solves various problems that occur in deburring by floating process.

Image of roller burnishing tools

Roller Burnishing Tool

These tools provide a mirror finish by smoothing metal surfaces with rollers.

Image of cutting and roller burnishing tool

Skiving and Roller Burnishing Tools

Skive Roller is a tool that allows you to perform skiving and roller burnishing in one pass.

Image of dimple forming tool

Dimple Forming Tool

This tool forms small dimples and recesses with a depth of several μm in metal surfaces.

Image of deburring and washing machine

Washing and Deburring Machine

This device uses high-pressure water to clean and remove burrs and chips on metal parts.

Image of parts washer

Parts dryer

This device dries metal parts after washing.

Image of cleaning, peeling, blasting, and cutting machines and equipment

Cleaning, Peeling, Blasting and Cutting Machines and Equipment

These devices and equipment perform general cleaning of structures using high-pressure water.

Image of peeling and chipping equipment

Peeling and Chipping Equipment

These devices peel and chip concrete and metal surfaces using high-pressure water.

Image of tube expanding and tube end facing tools and equipment

Tube Expanding and Tube End Facing Tools and Equipment

Tools and equipment for fixing heat exchanger tubes to tube sheets.

Image of tube cutting, pulling, and cleaning tools and equipment

Tube Cutting, Pulling, and Cleaning Tools and Equipment

These are tools and equipment for removing and cleaning heat exchanger tubes.

Image of wet-pulverizing-and-dispersing-equipment

Wet Pulverization and Dispersion Device

These are devices to disperse, emulsify, pulverize, and exfoliate of raw materials.

Image of  dry atomization unit

Dry-Type Milling Equipment

These units grind by colliding raw materials using the counter current of twin impellers.

Image of mixing and deaeration machines

Mixing and Deaeration Machine

These devices mix raw materials and remove bubbles while rotating and revolving the raw materials. * Link to group company page

Image of water atomization equipment

Water Atomization Equipment

This equipment facilitates jet propulsion of high pressure water and collision with molten metal at high temperatures to produce metals in powder form.

Biomass nanofiber image

Biomass Nanofiber

These ultrafine fibers are around 0.02μm in diameter. They are derived from plant or animal sources, and have applications in many fields.

Image of pressurization equipment

High Pressurization Equipment

These devices increase the pressure to a maximum of 1800 MPa using ultrahigh-pressure water, reproducing extreme environments.

Image of high pressure / ultrahigh-pressure pumps

High-Pressure / Ultrahigh-Pressure Pumps

These pumps produce high-pressure water, the core technology of Sugino Machine. It can provide a steady supply without pulsation.

Image of The unit to remove fine contamination and oil in the liquid

Micro Bubble Fluid Cleaner

JCC-HM is a unit which can use the power of fine bubbles to remove the fine contamination and oil in the liquid.