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Jet Storm Washer P-type: Aeration Jet Type Washing Machine

This is the advent of a compact washing machine best suited for small components!

jsw-pThe "Jet Storm Washer P-type" is an aeration jet type washing machine capable of automatically performing all processes from washing, degreasing, air blow, and hot-air drying.
It offers a reduction in energy consumption, improvement in quality, and a reduction in the environment load during washing of various types of workpieces from wide-ranging industries.


  1. The compact main unit contains a large washing tank
    Even at a width of 850 mm, the washing machine is provided with a 65-L washing tank which can be used to simultaneously wash several irregular-shape workpieces.
  2. High-power washing and degreasing performance
    Because of the upper and lower, two systems of rotating nozzle and the swirling flow, even workpieces with a complex shape can be washed without leaving any blind spots. As a result of the aeration jet and heating, high power degreasing and removal of impurities is achieved without the use of an organic solvent.
  3. Fully Automatic Processes from Washing to Drying
    All processes from submerged and open-air washing to drain by air blowing, and hot-air drying are performed automatically. Products are dried immediately after washing without going through human hands, which prevents the occurrence of rust and water marks.

Specifications Table

Washing PressureMPa0.8
Flow RateL/min60
Cleaning solution usedWater-soluble alkali cleaning solution
Washing tank capacityL65
Tank capacityL150
Main Unit Dimensions (W X D X H)mm850×1,450×1,150
Power supply200 VAC, 3-phase, 14 kVA


JSW-Pbasket   Large basket

This is a specialized basket suited to the size of the workpiece to prevent contact between workpieces.

Application Examples

  • All mechanical components



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