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Spa Clean Jet: CNC High-Pressure Deburring and Washing Machines


High-Pressure washing machine for large workpieces, capable of cleaning six surfaces!

The "Spa Clean Jet" is a small and compact open-air washing machine that makes use of the key technology of the extraordinarily popular "Jet Clean Center".
It can wash six surfaces and wide areas even at a machine width of 1,180 mm.
Its high-pressure pump enables precise washing and deburring.

■ Washing Features
  Chip Removal

■ Maximum workpiece dimensions
  400×500×H300 mm

The workpiece dimensions are approximate.
Please contact your nearest sales office for more information.


  1. spaclean_area Capable of washing large workpieces
    ... Can wash transmission cases and housing, etc.
  2. Machine width 1,180 mm
    ... The machine size is small even though it can handle workpieces of dimensions 400×500×H300 mm.
  3. Six surfaces can be washed
    ... Six surfaces without blind corners can be washed through nozzle movement and workpiece rotation.

Application Examples

  • Motorcycle crank cases, transmission, etc.

cylinderhead     misioncase


■ Hydraulic valve/Workpiece Material: Aluminum Pressure: 30 MPa


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