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Jet Clean Center SLIM: CNC Turret Type High-Pressure Washing and Deburring Machine


Global standard in washing machines
MC-based washing and deburring machine!

The "Jet Clean Center SLIM" is an open-air high pressure washing and deburring machine capable of removing residual chips and burrs from inside a workpiece by jetting high pressure water of 50 MPa (max.)
SLIM and WIDE models are available depending on the installation site and the size of the workpiece.

■ Washing Features
  Removal of burrs and chips

■ Maximum workpiece dimensions
  400 × 400 × H450 mm

The workpiece dimensions are approximate.
Please contact your nearest sales office for more information.



  1. High Accuracy Target Washing
    0.08 mm positioning accuracy due to CNC control
    Highly accurate and efficient washing is possible.
  2. Total Removal of Chips and Burrs
    Chips and burrs are completely removed from cross holes, deep holes, and tap holes by jetting high pressure water at 50 MPa max. from a CNC positioned nozzle.
  3. Fully Supported Automatic Conveyance
    This is the most suitable cell type washing machine for gantry loaders, conveyors, and robot transfer.
  4. Plenty of Options
    Several optional parts are available for different workpieces, including cleaning nozzle attachments, deburring tools, and various tables and filters.
    >> Cleaning nozzle attachment
  5. Easy-to-Install Machining Center-Based Washing Machine
    With our machining center "Self-center" as the base, it can perform the same operations as the machining center.
    Even operators in charge of machining can operate it easily.
    (CNC: FANUC0i-MD)

Application Examples

  • ABS housing, valve body, pump body, brake calipers, etc.

abs oilpump


ABS body/workpiece material: aluminum, Pressure: 50 MPa

Wide Areas Can be Washed

The Jet Clean Center (JCC) series secures a sufficient washing area.

  • JCC-SLIM (X, Y, Z): 460 × 460 × 500 mm
  • JCC-WIDE (X, Y, Z): 650 × 500 × 500 mm


Washing PressureMPaMax. 50
Flow RateL/min18 (at 50 MPa)
Rapid Feed Rate (X, Y, Z axes)m/min48
Spindle Rotation Speedrev/minMax. 1,000
Positioning Accuracymm0.08 (in full traverse)
No. of tools-Max. 6
Tool Indexing Timesec.0.5 (random shortest approach by CNC Control)
Machine Dimensions (W × D × H)mm1,000×4,660×2,600
Machine Weightkg3,000
ControllerFANUC 0i-MD
Power SupplykVA45


1. Slide Door 2. Operation Panel 3. Electric Control Panel 4. Primary Tank 5. Oil Skimmer
6. Bag Filter 7. Secondary Tank 8. Mist Collector 9. High Pressure Pump



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