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Hydraulic Feed Speed Control Unit "Hydro- Speed Regulator" Spring-Return Type

Controls the feed rate of air-feed Selfeeder!​

ハイドロスピードレギュレータRB形画像The "Hydro-Speed Regulator" is a hydraulic feed speed control unit that can freely adjust the feed rate of an air cylinder to any desired speed from low to high.
Two types of control methods are available: spring return type and air return type, which can be selected according to the application.
A skip-motion type hydro-speed regulator, ideal for drilling pipe materials, is also available.

Click here for Air Return Type "R-A": Ideal for step drilling 

Spring Return Type "RB"

When the load on the piston rod is removed, the piston rod automatically returns by the reaction force of the spring built inside.


1. Compact and can be installed in any direction.
2. Completely sealed construction eliminates the need for hydraulic fluid replenishment, ensuring stable control over a long period of time.
3. Even with sudden load fluctuations, control speed changes are extremely small, resulting in stable feed rates.
4. The feed rate can be easily adjusted with the speed adjusting knob.



Note 1. Hydro-speed regulators other than the above specifications are also available.
2. Regulator clamp is optional.​




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