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Eledrive: Electric Torque-Control Tube Expansion Equipment

TubeRollerExpandingThe standard-bearer among portable tube expansion equipment!

The "Eledrive" is a tube expansion device for fixing tubes to tube sheets during the manufacturing process for heat exchangers.
This equipment electrically detects the load torque during the tube expansion process, and automatically controls the load torque so that the tube expands by the amount set in advance.
It is composed of a tube roller and controller box.

Tube Roller / Drive Engine


TubeRoller1Performs forward rotation, stop, and reverse rotation.
There are eight types of tube roller available, each with its own unique expanding ability.





Controller Box / Control Equipment

EleDriveControllThis equipment is needed to keep the amount of tube expansion constant.
The electrical current can be set to two different levels during tube expansion for improved precision.



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