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Ensuring Compliance


In order to ensure compliance, the actions and awareness of each employee of the Sugino Machine Group is important. We believe it is crucial to always conduct business fairly and lawfully. In the Sugino Machine Group, all employees including the management carry out their duties responsibly and ethically. We aim to grow together with society by providing innovative products and services to meet the expectations and earn the trust of all stakeholders, including customers, trading partners, local society etc.             

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

The Sugino Machine Group understands the importance of intellectual property rights, and protects the intellectual property rights of other companies while also appropriately managing its own intellectual property.

Response to Anti-social Organizations

The Sugino Machine Group has no relationships with any anti-social organizations or groups that threaten public order or safety.

Appropriate Export Transactions

The Sugino Machine Group follows international rules and laws in its global activities, and has an export control system in place to ensure that international transactions for products and services provided are not misused for the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, for the support of terrorism, or for some other purpose that threatens world peace.

Internal Auditing System

The Sugino Machine Group strives towards greater transparency and aims to create a rational structure for its business operations. We have also created an impartial audit system with an independent audit department.