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Energy Efficiency Activities

Initiatives in Energy Efficiency Activities 

At Sugino Machine, we periodically check the energy usage of all our offices throughout Japan and we encourage switching to energy efficient devices in order to manage and optimize total energy usage.
Led by the Energy Efficiency Committee, suggestions for energy efficiency throughout the whole company are periodically sought in order to develop and implement measures for greater energy efficiency.

Specific Initiatives

In April 2010, Sugino Machine created an organizational structure for promoting energy efficiency and began by measuring energy usage including electricity, natural gas and kerosene.
Subsequently, a workshop called the "Energy Efficiency Promotion Seminar" was held in collaboration with a power company. Besides the Energy Conservation Act, future activities were also discussed.
Individual offices also invited optimization specialists from external energy efficiency organizations and discovered new energy efficiency plans to implement, such as adjusting compressor discharge pressure, reducing lost electricity from heat treating furnaces, and optimizing ventilation efficiency.
In addition to complying with the Energy Conservation Act and reducing energy usage, there are also initiatives in environmentally-friendly activities such as reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide caused by business activities.

Energy Efficiency Diagnosis