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Ultrahigh-Pressure Technology

Image of Ultrahigh-pressure technology

This pressure is ten times that of the world’s deepest region.

The earth’s deepest seabed is approximately 11,000 meters below sea level.(Challenger Deep of the Mariana Trench) The pressure is approximately 110 MPa (1,100 atmospheric pressure), which has the power to crush a hollow ball of iron.
Sugino Machine has greatly exceeded this figure and is conducting research and development into “ultrahigh-pressure” technology that produces a maximum pressure of 1,000 MPa.Sugino Machine is developing various applications for environmentally friendly engineering methods. These include reproducing and cleaning extreme environments, processing, and exploiting new materials.

Products based on our “Ultrahigh-pressure” technology

Image of high pressure / ultrahigh-pressure pumps

High-Pressure / Ultrahigh-Pressure Pumps

These pumps produce high-pressure water, the core technology of Sugino Machine. It can provide a steady supply without pulsation.

Image of pressurization equipment

High Pressurization Equipment

These devices increase the pressure to a maximum of 1800 MPa using ultrahigh-pressure water, reproducing extreme environments.

Image of water jet cutter

Water Jet Cutters

This device utilizes high-speed water jet energy up to 392 MPa for cutting various materials.

Image of deburring and washing machine

Washing and Deburring Machines

This device uses high-pressure water to clean and remove burrs and chips on metal parts.

Image of cleaning, peeling, blasting, and cutting machines and equipment

Cleaning, Peeling, Blasting and Cutting Machines and Equipment

These devices and equipment perform general cleaning of structures using high-pressure water.

Image of peeling and chipping equipment

Peeling and Chipping Equipment

These devices peel and chip concrete and metal surfaces using high-pressure water.

Image of water atomization equipment

Water Atomization Equipment

This equipment facilitates jet propulsion of high pressure water and collision with molten metal at high temperatures to produce metals in powder form.

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