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Ultrafine Technology

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Ultrahigh-pressure impact

Appropriate atomization can fully reveal the functional characteristics of a substance.
Sugino Machine's "Ultrafine" technology is a clean method that uses only collision of raw materials at ultrahigh-pressure to grind, without any use of pulverising agents.
The technology is used across a wide range of fields, such as electronic components, cosmetics, medical and pharmaceutical products, food products, pigments and resin materials.
It also has a part to play in the development of nanomaterial technology, widely expected to play an increasingly vital role in the future.

”Ultrafine” Technology Products

Image of  dry atomization unit

Dry-Type Milling Equipment

These utins grind by colliding raw materials using the counter current of twin impellers.

Biomass nanofiber image

Biomass Nanofibers

These ultrafine fibers are around 0.02μm in diameter. They are derived from plant or animal sources, and have applications in many fields.

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