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Announcement on Movement detection device for Machining Center

To foster our effort to prevent Sugino products from illegal export, resale or diversion for military use, we hereby inform that notwithstanding its destination, our Machining Center whose export is regulated by Japanese Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act will be equipped with Movement detection device, starting from the quotation submitted in January 2024.
In case the movement of the machine is detected, the machine will be locked and can not be operated. When the relocation of the machine or factory layout modification is planned, please contact your closest Sugino service office in advance.


Steps to unlock the machine


Notes : 
1. Lock will be released only upon our confirmation of validity of location .
2. By submitting the Request form in advance, time required to release the lock can be shortened. 
  (The Request form can be submitted from1 month before relocation.)
3. There is a fee to release the lock.​



Self Center and Self Unit, and some other machines depending on its spec..
(All machines regulated by Japanese Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act)



"M" in the end of the model indicates the machine is equipped with Movement detection device.
( Movement detection device will not be equipped retrospectively.)

Ex. Self Center V30a



Request form to release the lock

To release the lock, please fill the Request form and submit to the closest Sugino Service Office (List in the end of this page).
Request form is available from the link below.



List of Sugino Service Offices


  • Company Name: Sugino Machine Limited,  Engineering Support Department
  • Address: 1800 Nakanoshima, Namerikawa City, Toyama Prefecture, 936-8588, Japan
  • TEL: +81-76-475-5111
  • FAX: +81-76-486-0016



 ■ Chicago

  • Company Name: Sugino Corp.
  • Address: 1380 Hamilton Parkway, Itasca, Illinois 60143, U.S.A.
  • TEL: +1-630-250-8585
  • FAX: +1-630-250-8665
  • URL:



■ Aguascalientes​​

  • Branch Name: Sugino Machine Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (Aguascalientes Office)
  • Address: Av. Canal Interceptor 1303, Fracc.El Plateado, Aguascalientes,AGS,Mexico CP20137
  • TEL: +52-449-140-7495



  • Company Name: Sugino Machine France S.A.S.
  • Address: 34, rue Louis ULBACH 92400 Courbevoie France
  • TEL: +33-1-84-17-49-87
  • FAX:+33-1-84-17-58-86



■ Shanghai

  • Company Name: Sugino Shanghai Co., Ltd.
  • Address: Room 304-305, Executive Mansion, No.597 LanGao Road,Putuo District, Shanghai. P.R. China
  • TEL:+86-21-5385-5031
  • FAX:+86-21-5385-5032



  • Company Name: Sugino Machine India Private Limited
  • Address: Unit No.302, Second Floor, Time Tower, MG Road, Gurgaon –122002, Haryana, India
  • TEL: +91-124-483-1900
  • URL:



  • Company Name: Sugino Machine (Thailand) Ltd.
  • Address: 169 M. 1,T. Ban-Lane, A. Bang Pa-In, Ayutthaya, 13160 Thailand
  • TEL: +66-3572-9351
  • FAX: +66-3572-9355
  • URL:

If you have any questions, please contact your nearest sales office.

We will continue to provide products that satisfy our customers, and we look forward to your continued patronage.